RW SGC AmeriKatz Oceli Cloud of Starbengal


This cat needs no introduction with his spectacular pattern.  He is the one and only, world famous
Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Amerikatz Oceli Cloud of Starbengal, the very first silver
Bengal to have ever reached Supreme status.  He was the #1 silver bengal in the world of the 2004-05
show year.  He is
Summermist High Definition's sire.   

OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurththawate of Snopride

What a remarkable cat.  Outstanding Sire Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
Stonehenge Wurththawate of Snopride is the sire ofmany outstanding and successful show
cats.  Just look at that head and profile!  He was the #1 Bengalkitten in the world during
the 2002-03 show year and has received numerous breeders choice awards atOn Safari
including wildest looking bengal and best head.  We are thrilled to be working with his son, 
Stonehenge ColdFusion of Crestwood, who also descends from Junglebook lineage.

TGC Walkabout Dakari of Sonoranbengals


This wonderful stud is TGC Walkabout Dakari of Sonoranbengals.  He has beautiful, rich
color and a wonderful white underside that he has passed along to our girls,
Jungle Fever and
Rare Delight out of Summermist High Definition.  We are very grateful to Chad and
Elizabeth Grahm of Sonoran Bengals for allowing us to use their gorgeous boy.

Elias of Callista (ALC)

This stunning Asian Leopard Cat is Elias of Callista. Bred to one of our homemade girls, Crestwood
Patience of Callista, he sired our beautiful F1,
Callista Sheer Brilliance of Crestwood, who was voted
'Favorite EG 2007'. We look forward to developing his line with some very exciting males. Thanks
to his keeper, Julie Calderon, for sending me Shimmer and for being such a good friend.


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